• Player Goals
  • Commitment
  • On Course Player Assessments
  • On & Off Course Coaching
  • Team & Private Coaching
  • Guaranteed Results
  • Coaching
    • Private Coaching Session - $125
    • On Course Assessment - $150 + Green Fees & Cart
    • Supervised Practice - $125
    • On Course Coaching - $150 + Green Fees & Cart
    • 1/2 Hour Private – $65
    Group Coaching
    • Group Coaching - $100
    • On Course Assessment - $100 + Green Fees & Cart
    • Supervised Practice - $100
    • On Course Coaching - $100 + Green Fees & Cart
    • Short Game Assessment / Coaching – $100
    • Group Coaching is based on 4-6 players per group
    • TrackMan Assessment - $125
    • TrackMan Combine - $125
    • TrackMan Practice - $50 per Hour
    • TrackMan Event
    • K-Coach 3-D Assessment $200
    • K-Player Monthly Rental $500
    Boditrak Pressure Mapping
  • Boditrak Assessment - $125
  • College and High School Team Programs

    As a coach, information is pivotal in a successful golf program; as a player, information is pivotal to perform at a high level. Players need to have a clear understanding of their current game and a plan in place to make changes that will guide them towards peak performance and success. The Collegiate-K Golf program combines twenty-five years of coaching experience with state-of-the-art technology to evaluate players swing DNA and give players, coaches and trainers a blueprint for success.

    Contact John King to customize a program to help bring your team to the forefront of High School and Collegiate golf.

    • MEASURE – 3D Motion capture software measures movement with accuracy not possible with cameras or the naked eye, assesses player characteristics, and generates insightful reports to be developed into a powerful coaching and training program.
    • ASSESS – Drive player results by effectively communicating recommendations for improvement.
    • COACH – Understand how a player moves, how it affects impact and ball flight and create action plans to improve performance based on biomechanical and kinematic sequence report.
    • TRAIN – Incorporate player characteristics, report results, and recommendations into practice sessions and fitness training. Integrate K-Player for real-time feedback training and custom built training programs.
    • K-Player Available for 24/7 Team Training
    • Boditrak – Focusing on the interaction between an athlete and the ground.
    • TrackMan Launch Monitor
    • Blast Motion
    • Hudl Technique Remote Video Software


    “John King has helped my teenage daughter and I with every aspect of our game. His state of the art equipment and his professional demeanor has made the learning experience very enjoyable.”

    Dan O’Donnell
    Auburn, AL