Golf Performance Coaching

Lessons with John King

Each student is evaluated to determine and develop their natural and neutral swing. Areas involved in the Full Swing Evaluation are:
  • Setup - Grip, Posture, Stance, Ball Position, Aim and Alignment
  • Planes - Shaft Plane, Lead Arm Plane, Trail Arm Plane, Shoulder Plane
  • Pivot - Balance, Pressure, Pressure Shift, Ground Force, Dominant Power Source and Range of Motion
  • Hinge & Release Patterns
  • Ball Flight - Desired, Dominant, Misses
  • Once the student has been evaluated, the developmental process begins by identifying the primary area preventing them from maximizing their effort and initiate a game plan for improvement using drills and technology to accelerate the students progress.
    • 90 Minute – $150
    • 60 Minute – $100
    • 45 Minute – $80
    • 30 Minute – $50
      Semi-Private Lessons (Two Players)
      • 90 Minute – $100 Per Player
      • 60 Minute – $75 Per Player
      • 45 Minute – $60 Per Player
      • 30 Minute – $40 Per Player
    • TrackMan Assessment - $100
    • TrackMan Combine - $60
    • TrackMan Practice - $40 per Hour
    • TrackMan Event
    • K-Coach 3-D Assessment $200
    • K-Player Monthly Rental $600
    Boditrak Pressure Mapping
    Blast Motion

    College and High School Team Programs

    As a coach, information is pivotal in a successful golf program; as a player, information is pivotal to perform at a high level. Players need to have a clear understanding of their current game and a plan in place to make changes that will guide them towards peak performance and success. The Collegiate-K Golf program combines twenty-five years of coaching experience with state-of-the-art technology to evaluate players swing DNA and give players, coaches and trainers a blueprint for success.

    Contact John King to customize a program to help bring your team to the forefront of High School and Collegiate golf.

    • MEASURE – 3D Motion capture software measures movement with accuracy not possible with cameras or the naked eye, assesses player characteristics, and generates insightful reports to be developed into a powerful coaching and training program.
    • ASSESS – Drive player results by effectively communicating recommendations for improvement.
    • COACH – Understand how a player moves, how it affects impact and ball flight and create action plans to improve performance based on biomechanical and kinematic sequence report.
    • TRAIN – Incorporate player characteristics, report results, and recommendations into practice sessions and fitness training. Integrate K-Player for real-time feedback training and custom built training programs.
    • K-Player Available for 24/7 Team Training
    • Boditrak – Focusing on the interaction between an athlete and the ground.
    • TrackMan Launch Monitor
    • Blast Motion
    • Hudl Technique Remote Video Software


    “John is at the top of the heap when it comes to golf instructors. He knows the game well, he is a student of the game of golf and he has earned much of his knowledge by working under one of the greatest players/instructors in the game of golf, Ken Venuri. I highly recommend John King to any golf coach who wants his players to perform at their peak performance.”

    Dave Jennings
    Men’s Golf Coach
    Central Alabama Community College