Golf Performance Coaching

Golf Performance Coaching

Lessons with John King

Each student is evaluated to determine and develop their natural and neutral swing. Areas involved in the Full Swing Evaluation are:
  • Setup - Grip, Posture, Stance, Ball Position, Aim and Alignment
  • Planes - Shaft Plane, Lead Arm Plane, Trail Arm Plane, Shoulder Plane
  • Pivot - Balance, Pressure, Pressure Shift, Ground Force, Dominant Power Source and Range of Motion
  • Hinge & Release Patterns
  • Ball Flight - Desired, Dominant, Misses
  • Once the student has been evaluated, the developmental process begins by identifying the primary area preventing them from maximizing their effort and initiate a game plan for improvement using drills and technology to accelerate the students progress.
    • 90 Minute – $150
    • 60 Minute – $100
    • 45 Minute – $80
    • 30 Minute – $50
    Lesson Packages
    • 4 - 90 Minute Lessons – $540
    • 4 - 60 Minute Lessons – $360
    • 4 - 45 Minute Lessons – $300
    • 4 - 30 Minute Lessons – $200
    • 4 - 15 Minute Quick Fix – $90
    Semi-Private Lessons (Two Players)
    • 90 Minute – $90 Per Player
    • 60 Minute – $70 Per Player
    • 45 Minute – $60 Per PLayer
    • 30 Minute – $40 Per Player
    • TrackMan Assessment
    • TrackMan Combine
    • TrackMan Practice
    • TrackMan Event
    • K-Coach Assessment $150
    • K-Player Monthly Rental $300
    Blast Motion

    College and High School Team Programs

    As a coach, information is pivotal in a successful golf program; as a player, information is pivotal to perform at a high level. Players need to have a clear understanding of their current game and a plan in place to make changes that will guide them towards peak performance and success. The Collegiate-K Golf program combines twenty-five years of coaching experience with state-of-the-art technology to evaluate players swing DNA and give players, coaches and trainers a blueprint for success.

    Contact John King to customize a program to help bring your team to the forefront of High School and Collegiate golf.

    • MEASURE – 3D Motion capture software measures movement with accuracy not possible with cameras or the naked eye, assesses player characteristics, and generates insightful reports to be developed into a powerful coaching and training program.
    • ASSESS – Drive player results by effectively communicating recommendations for improvement.
    • COACH – Understand how a player moves, how it affects impact and ball flight and create action plans to improve performance based on biomechanical and kinematic sequence report.
    • TRAIN – Incorporate player characteristics, report results, and recommendations into practice sessions and fitness training. Integrate K-Player for real-time feedback training and custom built training programs.
    • K-Player Available for 24/7 Team Training
    • Boditrak – Focusing on the interaction between an athlete and the ground.
    • TrackMan Launch Monitor
    • Blast Motion
    • Hudl Technique Remote Video Software


    “John King is an incredible instructor.”

    Deron Lorio
    Mizuno Golf