Golf Performance Schools

Golf Performance Schools at Poland Spring Resort

A Division of John King Golf

John King Golf and The Golf Performance School at Poland Spring provide the learning environment and personalized instruction you need for improvement. We focus on the fundamentals of the golf swing, impact, ball flight, swing shape and course management. Whether you are just starting out or an experienced player, our PGA Professional instructors will guarantee that you will leave with added confidence, control, and the ability to shoot lower scores regardless of your current playing ability. You can learn in group classes, schools, or with private lessons. We can also tailor an instructional plan to meet your needs. Come see for yourself, and enjoy the experience.

Why guess when you can measure? The Golf Performance School at Poland Spring utilizes some of the most advanced technology and training available in our golf player development. Launch your game into the forefront of golf training and improvement at The Golf Performance School at Poland Spring.

1/2 Day

  • $259 Private
  • $229 Semi-Private

One Day

  • $329 Private
  • $269 Semi-Private

Two Day

  • $629 Private
  • $529 Semi-Private

Three Day

  • $799 Private
  • $699 Semi-Private