Remote Coaching

  • The Remote Coaching program is designed to help us overcome two of our greatest obstacles in supporting your continued development: time and proximity. This remote coaching program provides us with the necessary tools to extend our reach for out-of-town clients unable to see us for regular in-person sessions and in-town clients who desire more support along with frequent check-ups between sessions. Rather than leave a session and be on your own until we can meet again, Remote Coaching allows us to offer greater access to a full array of coaching tools and maintain uninterrupted forward momentum towards your goals.
    • ONE TIME SWING ANALYSIS/ Upload a down-the-line and face-on swing to CoachNow and within 72hrs receive a voice-over swing analysis or video demonstration.



    • MONTHLY PASS/ Upload swing videos for analysis and get on-going feedback on your progress with 24/7 access. (priority response time of <48hrs for monthly and annual passes). 6 Month Minimum / monthly subscription fee is automatically invoiced at the first of the month.



    • ANNUAL PASS/ Have full access to John King Golf all year long—coaching services can include regular swing analysis and on-going feedback. The annual fee is invoiced in advance with limited spots remaining.




    Filming Your Golf Swing

    • For best results attach your phone to a Tripod and adjust to waist height.
    • Use Alignment Sticks to aid in body and camera alignment.
    • Down-the-Line Video: Aim the camera between your hands and waist, make sure to have your body and complete swing as large as possible in view, at no point do we want the club leaving the recorded view but we want the view of your swing as big as possible
    • Face-On Video: Aim the camera between your hands and waist, adjust zoom to include the whole swing.
    • Grip Video: Close up from Face-On and Close up From Down-The-Line
    *Please make sure we can see your entire swing/club in the video